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Established in January of 2021, Code,Music,Game [CMG] is an open, casual and very friendly server looking for people to relax and indulge in common interests! focusing on, but not limited to anyone who’s interested in connection with other hobbyists (or professionals). We primarily showcase spaces to learn and practice Code. Learn, practice and share your music. Or just relax and play some video games! If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Welcome to the code side of the group, my handle on our Discord channel is @Raistlin[</code>] my main focus is on front end web development, part some knowledge for safe web practice’s and avoid nasty maleware. We encourage all level’s of experience to be apart of our group, from novice to experienced. We love to …


Welcome to the music group, I’m Felix, the Moderator for the music group, my Discord ID is @flix0_0 [Music]. I enjoy all stlye’s of music, with a particular interest in jazz/blues, but I also play rock and pop. My level of playing is intermediate and I like playing the guitar. We promote any and all …


With the Arma3 event completed – I was hoping to check in and see what other events and games people would be interested in seeing events hosted for! Some ideas we have are Clash from League of Legends, in-server 5v5s for games like Rainbow 6, or possibly some heists in Red Dead Redemption, wander the …

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