Well to say its been a while is an understatement.” But finally found a few minutes to catch you up on whats been going on. The new [CMG] Bot is well and truly on its way, supported features include.

Member Join and leave notification’s,

Added – API request.

Random json_data Zenquotes return response text as (quote and Author).

Variables added for encouragement message, In response to sad text.

The ability to update message responses added through discord channel.

A delete function added to remove encouragement messages through discord.

A responding value (true/false) to turn off notifications.

#Server side functions.

Added – Created Web Server (responding to up time limitations of Repl.it and requests (60 min’s)) in which it will enter sleep.

KeepAlive.py function added to keep bot running continuously , which pings the bot every five mins. So as to never enter sleep stage.

Updated responding messages server-side.

Guild count added.

The bot is still under development, and we are all looking forward to see how it progresses over the coming year. If this kind of stuff sparks your interest then by all means come on and say g’day just click here to join us on discord.

Raistlin</code> [Admin]


Welcome to the code side of the group, my handle on our Discord channel is @Raistlin[</code>] my main focus is on front end web development, part some knowledge for safe web practice’s and avoid nasty maleware. We encourage all level’s of experience to be apart of our group, from novice to experienced. We love to have you on board to part words of wisdom, explain snippets of code or alternatively indulge a curiosity. So if you have a passion, then by all means come on in and say g’day. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Lets get Coding!

-Raistlin[</code>] Admin